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Workplace Wellness Promotion Read on

Implementing a workplace wellness promotion strategy creates an active and healthy environment for your employees.

When people think of health at work, they often think about health and safety in the workplace, and how they can ensure that they’re meeting their legal health and safety responsibilities. Workplace wellness promotion is about taking steps to help your employees improve their general health and well-being, both at work and at home. This initiative helps increase employee morale, improve work-life balance, influence the adoption of healthier behaviours, and build a productive workplace culture. These advantages, in turn, will positively impact your bottom-line. 

workplace wellness promotion group workshop on dimensions of wellbeing.

The benefits of workplace wellness promotion

Creating a culture of health and well-being through tailored workplace wellness promotion initiatives, your organization will benefit from:

  • Employees who are more motivated and productive;
  • Reduced absence – healthy, motivated workers are less likely to take sick days;
  • Reduced staff turnover, recruitment and training costs;
  • Enhanced reputation as a confident, caring organization; and,
  • Reduced insurance and compensation costs.

How do I support wellness at work?

There are many initiatives you can take to help create a healthy and positive workplace culture for your employees. Workplace wellness can include many different elements, and organizations will choose to focus on the issues that are most relevant to them.

Here are eight simple steps to encourage workplace wellness:

  1. Promote a healthy culture at work, teaching how lifestyle choices affect health and wellbeing at work.
  2. Encourage employees to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Employees with healthy lifestyle habits are less at risk of becoming sick and missing days from work, which could ultimately diminish your company’s productivity. If your company has a cafeteria, work with your vendor to add more healthy options to the menu.
  3. Allow employees to provide input on workplace wellness initiatives.
  4. Offer training and workshops to all employees, such as courses on stress management and mental health, one of the most common causes of illness or absence.
  5. Educate employees on the effect of drugs and alcohol and support staff to adopt healthier behaviours.
  6. Engage leadership in workplace wellness initiatives, by encouraging their participation in the programs offered.
  7. Offer a yoga or mindfulness class after work or during lunch.
  8. Invest in a digital wellness solution that is accessible from any desktop or device, affordable, and efficient at delivering wellness programs in your workplace.

We assembled a selection of our favourite national health promotion campaigns and awareness days to help you plan workplace wellness activities for the year ahead. Click the button below to download our annual Health & Wellness Promotion Calendar and please get in touch if you know of an event that we missed.