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We provide Fitness, Recreation and Wellness services to municipalities that are consistent with Canada’s Framework for Recreation.


We provide expert analysis and planning services to municipalities in the development or renewal of their fitness and recreation facilities – and that are tailored to their unique demographic characteristics.


We partner with municipalities to provide professional on-site management services that are consistent, responsive and accountable for financial sustainability.


We provide inspiring fitness, recreation & wellness programs that encourage and assist participants to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle in an enjoyable environment that encourages community interaction.

The value we bring:

Tailored Consulting & Management Services

We are professional consultants and managers, with a successful track record of achieving results, and a diverse portfolio of assignments in municipal recreation.

Our comprehensive systems, processes, tools and resources, based on industry best practices, means we deliver a high quality, consistent and responsive service. Our commitment to Customer Service makes us easy to do business with and leads to member/participant satisfaction.

Constituent Engagement

Ultimately, the success of any Municipal Recreation Centre can only be accomplished if a large number of people participate, and remain engaged. We accomplish this by making the fitness, recreation and wellness experience FUN through innovative and energetic programming. HSG achieves participation rates that are the highest in the industry.

Financial Sustainability

In providing our Consulting & Management Services, we take a Business Approach with a Community Focus.

What makes our approach Business-like is our systems, our marketing perspective and our commitment to achieve financial results for the client, while maintaining a high level of Customer Service.

  • Increase Revenues
  • Control Expenses
  • While applying Industry Best Practices in:

Program Excellence

– Applying HR systems that attract and retain high quality Professional Staff

– Installing Effective Operating Systems

– And Building Community by taking a Community Development Approach

We provide a sustainable operating approach, which incorporates:

  • The municipality’s vision and mission for their facility, along with its core values;
  • A strategic revenue generating plan to achieve responsible fiscal management; and,
  • A comprehensive community building capability.