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We develop and manage employee fitness facilities for corporations and provide workplace wellness programs.


We recognize the challenges and opportunities associated with an onsite fitness and wellness centre. We provide expert analysis and planning services for organizations in the development or renewal of their employee fitness initiative.


We partner with corporations to provide professional management services that are consistent, responsive and accountable to each client. We focus on member satisfaction and meeting client objectives.


We provide inspiring fitness & wellness programs that engage employees, assisting them to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. We are fully committed to achieving results for the organization by helping employees reach their health and fitness goals.

The value we bring:

Tailored Consulting & Management Services

For almost 40 years, HSG has enjoyed a successful track record of achieving results for a diverse portfolio of corporate clients. Using our vast system of resources that are focused on operational effectiveness and Customer Service, our processes can be specifically tailored to each organization’s requirements.

Inspiring Programs

Ultimately, the success of your fitness and wellness initiatives can only be accomplished if a large number of employees participate, and remain engaged. We accomplish this by making the fitness and wellness experience ENGAGING through innovative and energetic programming. HSG achieves employee participation rates that are the highest in the industry.

A Healthy Payback

Productivity is improved and the cost of employee benefits and absenteeism are reduced when employees are more physically active and engaged in adopting a healthy lifestyle. A return on investment is achievable when a focused program is combined with an organizational culture and environment that values employee health and safety. The recruitment and retention of valued staff is also enhanced.