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Building Owners
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Building Owners & Managers

We develop and manage first class fitness amenities for tenant use on behalf of building owners, property managers and developers.


We provide expert planning services in the development of fitness amenities for tenants. We tailor the facility design and programming services to fit the vision of the owner, and the needs of the tenants.


We provide professional fitness management services that are consistent, responsive and accountable to the Owner / Property Manager.


We provide cutting edge fitness & wellness programs that keep your tenants engaged and satisfied, in an environment that encourages social interaction.

The value we bring:

Tailored Consulting & Management Services

We are professional consultants and managers, with a successful track record of achieving results with a diverse portfolio of commercial building projects across the country. We listen to and work collaboratively with the Owner / Property Manager to ensure a customized look and feel to the facility and its ongoing operation in order to help achieve the owner’s vision for tenancy.

With comprehensive systems, processes, tools and resources, HSG ensures quality, consistency and responsiveness. Our commitment to Customer Service makes us easy to do business with and leads to member/participant satisfaction.

Tenant Engagement & Community Building

For corporate tenants, productivity is improved and the cost of employee benefits and absenteeism are reduced when employees are more physically active and engaged in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Individual tenants enjoy the convenience of an accessible fitness amenity that facilitates an active lifestyle in an enjoyable environment, with opportunities for social connection with other members.

Trusted Partnership & Responsible Stewardship

We functionally partner with a Building Owner and/or Property Manager to collaboratively develop a strategy that achieves the operational and financial outcomes they require.

We act as a steward of the property asset, looking after all day to day operations, with diligent attention to maintaining and improving the value of the fitness facility.