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Workplace Wellness
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HSG takes a holistic approach to wellness programming; recognizing that it is multi-dimensional and is influenced by many factors.

What we do:

  1. Our wellness programs include a wide range of health and wellness topics under the broad categories of General Wellbeing, Physical Activity, Nutrition & Weight Control and Stress Management.
  2. Our programs raise health awareness and offer practical wellness solutions that help individuals get on track to making positive changes in their health behaviour.
  3. Many of our programs provide opportunities for team building.
Programs with Purpose
Our programs assist organizations to:
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Manage benefit costs
  • Reduce health risk
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Build employee engagement
  • Improve productivity
Programs that Engage
Each of our wellness programs has been designed to be consistent with one of 4 Levels of Engagement.
  1. Creating Awareness and Building Knowledge;
  2. Assessment Opportunities to evaluate one’s personal health status;
  3. Wellness Education through Wellness-to-go, Workshops and Behavioural Modification programs that guide participants in adopting healthier lifestyle practices; and,
  4. Motivating and Reinforcing positive health behaviours
HSG's Program Resources
Our current wellness program inventory includes over 135 programs along with their related promotional materials, which are customized to each application.
Organized by Level of Engagement, HSG’s wellness program resources include:
Awareness Programs
  • Articles – edited to suit various applications on health topics such as: 5 Tips for Dropping Unhealthy Habits; Summer Active, Work-Life Balance, etc.
  • Brochures – edited for different applications on topics such as: Know your Numbers; Micro-break Stretching; Relaxation Breathing, etc.
  • Bulletin board displays?- on a health observance month topic or targeted health risk
  • Heath Fairs?- a design and management service to customize a high-energy event that provides participants with convenient access to information and interactive experiences on a variety of health and wellness topics with such themes as Healthy at Heart, Stress-Busting, Healthy Aging, etc.
  • Newsletters  customized to suit client needs
  • Posters 100’s of wellness posters ready for customization to each application
  • Wellness Clinics interactive one-on-one clinics with feedback and counseling on such topics as Posture Assessment, Blood Pressure Testing & Education, Gait Analysis, etc. OR group experiential clinics such as Relaxation Training, Flexibility Assessment & Conditioning Program, etc.
  • Wellness Displays presenting information on health topics in a self-serve format with over a variety of themes to choose from such as Boosting Immunity, Stress Hardiness, Fats: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, etc.
  • Wellness Websites we have built over 20 wellness websites for clients, and websites to host HSG’s own wellness challenges and campaigns
Health Assessments
  • Health Risk Appraisals 3 different types of assessments, depending on client needs
  • Back Health Assessment
  • Ergonomics Assessment
  • Biometric Testing
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Benefit Claims Analysis
Education Programs

Wellness Workshops one hour to half day learning sessions including extensive participant materials on topics such as: Personal Energy Management, Making Choices, Healthy Back

Lifestyle Behavioural Change Programs longer term, multi-week programs such as Great Shape, Heart Health, Getting Started in Fitness

Wellnessto-go – supported by hard copy or online material, simple wellness activities that get participants engaged in trying a new behaviour through topics such as Fantastic Fibre, Test Your Ergo IQ, Eating for Energy, etc.


Motivation & Reinforcement

Wellness Challenges & Campaigns a variety of simple, multi-week programs to encourage and reinforce healthy lifestyles that are individual or team based such as Amazing Race; Search4Balance; Calorie Stampede; Eat4Health; Get Moving, Passport to Health (all have their own support websites along with promotional material)