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Fitness Programming Group Dance Class
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Fitness programming

We deliver fitness programming that engages and energizes.

To accomplish this, we:

  1. Tailor programs to the personal goals and interests of participants.
  2. Inspire and support individuals on their journey to wellbeing through digital solutions.
  3. Ensure safe and inspiring participant experiences.
  4. Provide a system of industry best practices in each fitness modality.
  5. Monitor program compliance on an on-going basis.
General Fitness Programming Gym
General Fitness
HSG develops and delivers a comprehensive range of fitness programs that include:
  • Pre-Exercise Screening
  • New Member Orientation
  • Fitness Assessment and Individual Counseling
  • Fitness Consultation & Program Prescription
  • Fitness Equipment Utilization
  • A comprehensive variety of Group Exercise Classes * (see below)
  • Personal Training ** (see below)
  • Small Group Personal Training *** (see below)
  • Therapeutic Exercise Programs**** (see below)
  • Active Living Programs for Older Adults***** (see below)
  • Interest Groups and Clinics for walking/running, recreation and sports activities
  • Training Programs for Sport Improvement
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Fitness Promotion Programs
  • Member Referral Programs
  • Member Retention Programs
  • Program Adherence Events
  • Incentive and Reward Programs
  • Fitness Volunteer Training
HSG follows industry best practices in each of these programs, and has developed standards, tools and resources to support our staff in the delivery of consistent, safe and professional programs, with an emphasis on customer service.


Group Exercise Classes
We design and deliver group experiences that engage members, and provide the encouragement and motivation they need to achieve their goals. Our innovative and state-of-the-art program mix, qualified instructors, technical expertise and customer focus make our group exercise classes very popular.
Each class, as appropriate, includes the key fitness components of cardio, flexibility, core strength and muscle conditioning.
We offer classes in many categories including Cardio, Muscle Toning, Dance, and Mind/Body. We stay abreast of the latest trends in fitness as well as the classics such as Zumba, Step, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Body Blast and Circuit Training.
Where facilities permit, we also provide qualified leadership for Aqua Fitness.
Personal Trainer Fitness Programming
Personal Training
Our certified personal trainers help participants to meet their fitness goals. Our programs begin with an initial assessment including body composition and fitness testing. Our trainers then develop a customized, comprehensive training program that fits the clients schedule, needs and goals. Our trainers provide effective, engaging and progressive training sessions, so that participants achieved desired fitness outcomes.
Small Group Personal Training
Small Group Personal Training
We deliver small group training programs designed to maximize training results with cardiovascular, strength and flexibility conditioning. This program is for participants who enjoy the energy and dynamics of working in a small group and are looking for a cost-effective way to achieve their health and fitness goals.
Therapeutic exercise yoga pose
Therapeutic Exercise
HSG has experience in providing a program of exercise and activity specifically designed for health-compromised individuals. The objectives of therapeutic exercise are to safely improve standard parameters of functional capacity including balance, strength, range of motion and cardiovascular conditioning.
Our activities can include one-on-one training, supervised small-group training, therapeutic Pilates, Tai Chi for Balance, Guided Meditation, Restorative Yoga, specialized resistance training classes and therapeutic aquatic exercise.
Active Older Adult Fitness Programming Aquafitness
Active Living
We believe that no matter what age or stage of life, fitness and wellness programs contribute to peoples’ vitality and bring a more positive culture to the communities that they are connected to. With this in mind, our Active Living Programs are designed to appeal to an aging population.
Our specialized fitness programs for active older adults are most applicable in community fitness and recreation centres, commercial fitness clubs, and even some corporate fitness facilities.