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wellness consulting

We work with our organizational clients to develop and implement a customized strategic wellness plan and the programs to support a healthy culture.

Our consulting approach:

When an organization decides to invest in a Wellness Program for the benefit of its constituents, HSG applies its 3-step Wellness Model.
  1. PLAN the overall strategy and the programs to support it;
  2. IMPLEMENT the activities and services that fulfill the strategic plan; and,
  3. EVALUATE the results compared to the strategic objectives.

Steps to success:

Step 1 – HSG’s Wellness Model always begins with Planning. This process sets the Foundation for the Programs that follow. Planning activities are largely invisible to the participants.

Step 2 Implementation, represents all of the experiential programs, activities, assessments, challenges, etc., that engage participants to become more healthy.

Step 3 Evaluate the impact of the program and report results to Leadership, adjusting for improvement, communicating the outcomes to the constituents, and renewing the program.

This helps establish:

  • The exact need for the Wellness intervention;
  • The vision of, and objectives for the program;
  • The programs and activities that will accomplish the objectives;
  • The management support and resources required;
  • Development of a detailed first year program and operating plan;
  • Development of an employee engagement strategy to maximize participation;
  • The development of a Wellness Team within the organization to provide on-going guidance and renewal; and,
  • A fulfillment infrastructure for program implementation.