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Healthy Workplaces: Why Fitness at Work?


Physical inactivity is a serious health and productivity threat!  Every organization is looking for ways to control absenteeism and benefit costs as well as attract and retain talented, high performing employees. This requires more than simply offering…

2017 Fitness Business Trends


A new year symbolizes a fresh start—and the perfect chance to refresh your operating strategy by taking advantage of the latest fitness business trends. Each year, there is a myriad of industry reports and predictions providing valuable data…

Great “Services” Don’t Mean Great “Service”

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Great “services” doesn’t mean the same as offering great “service.”  All businesses offer services and serve their customers in some way. Too often, organizations confuse the services they offer with the quality of service that they provide. Understanding…

How to Grow Your Fitness Business


Get to Know Your  Business BEFORE You GROW Your Fitness Business. The fitness industry is a tremendously competitive marketplace. There is a diverse offering including large clubs, niche studios, Crossfit boxes, 24-hour access, low price point and high…