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Great “Services” Don’t Mean Great “Service”

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Great “services” doesn’t mean the same as offering great “service.”  All businesses offer services and serve their customers in some way. Too often, organizations confuse the services they offer with the quality of service that they provide. Understanding…

HSG Expo

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HSG Expo 2016 The first HSG Expo took place on June 1st and 2nd at the Schwartz Riesman Centre in Vaughn, Ontario. The overall focus was to provide an amazing experience for all of HSG full time…

Recreation Facilities Conference


Kaizen for Recreation Facilities In April 2016 Christopher Laurin (HSG’s Corporate Director of Marketing and Communications) and Greg Simmons (HSG’s General Manager of Atlantic Region) attended the Atlantic Recreation Facilities Conference (ARFC) in Truro Nova Scotia.  The…

Delivering Member Service that LASTS

It’s inevitable. Every Fitness Club Manager or Program Coordinator has to deal with an upset or disappointed member. There are a number of reasons why it  happens. Perhaps, the member disagrees with your business processes; or they…