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Workplace Wellness Promotion 2017

Healthy and motivated employees can have a productive impact on an organization. Implementing a workplace wellness promotion strategy will create an active and healthy environment for your employees. It will also help increase morale, improve work-life balance,…

2017 Fitness Business Trends


A new year symbolizes a fresh start—and the perfect chance to refresh your operating strategy by taking advantage of the latest fitness business trends. Each year, there is a myriad of industry reports and predictions providing valuable data…

Looking Back at 2016

Looking back at 2016 It’s been another great year for HSG with many new challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments. We developed several new relationships with Canadian Municipalities, Companies, and Property Managers over the past 12 months and strengthened…

Great “Services” Don’t Mean Great “Service”

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Great “services” don’t mean the same as offering great “service.” All businesses offer services and serve their customers in some way.  Too often, staff members confuse the services they offer with the quality of service that is provided. Understanding…