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2018 Health and Wellness Promotion Calendar Read on

Workplace wellness programs help you and your employees improve their health, overall well-being and quality of life.

To help incorporate workplace wellness activities into your organization, you may want to take the lead from health observances throughout the calendar year. There are several each month, each with simple ways to institute a healthier, more mindful workplace. For more inspiration, download our free Wellness Promotion Calendar which includes over 40 activity ideas for your workplace. Build these into events such as workshops, displays and health fairs or gather articles and tips for your company newsletter, blog or social media posts. Remember to tailor your program to the needs of your employees.

Here are 10 workplace wellness activity suggestions to help get your wellness program started:

  1. Map indoor and outdoor walking trails accessible to employees of all abilities.
  2. Invite consultants from retail shoe stores or shoe manufacturers to be on-site for a day.
  3. Identify one heart-healthy snack idea daily in the cafeteria.
  4. Encourage physical activity breaks during long meetings and conferences. Design and print tent cards with stretching exercises to leave in conference rooms (or around the office).
  5. Start a wellness library. Address emotional, motivational and spiritual concerns with self-help books that can be borrowed or exchanged.
  6. Bring in a Registered Dietitian for a Lunch & Learn activity.
  7. Conduct recognition activities for employees making efforts at healthier lifestyles (i.e. bulletin board listings, healthy incentives or discounts to health clubs).
  8. Organize a healthy office potluck luncheon. Ask everyone to share their healthy recipes.
  9. Provide a bell on stairwells and encourage employees to ring them when they reach the top, earning applause from peers on that floor.
  10. Add plants to your office environment for cleaner air and reduced stress.
If you have dates or events that you think we should add to this calendar, please send us your ideas at