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Eating Well at Work
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October 2016

Healthy Workplace Month: Eating Well at Work

This week’s Healthy Workplace Month theme focuses on Eating Well at Work. Read more for resources on finding a Dietitian, analyzing your eating habits, or learning more about “Taking Back the Lunch Break!” Workplace Wellness Facts: 52% of Canadians are…

Healthy Workplace Month: Connecting Well at Work

Connecting well for a Healthy Workplace Many of us are looking to connect for personal enjoyment or to be a part of something that makes a positive impact for others. By providing opportunities for staff to engage in…

Healthy Workplace Month: Feeling Well at Work

This week’s Healthy Workplace Month theme focuses on “Feeling Well!” Read more below for some: mental health tips, a quick quiz titled “Check Up From the Neck Up,” or learn more about “Good Mood Foods!” to help you with your…

Healthy Workplace Month: Being Well at Work

Healthy Workplace Month: Being well at work! Being well encompasses many aspects to a person’s health, including mind-body fitness, sleeping well, and moving well. All three of these components go hand-in-hand to being well and feeling our best each…